Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas

So, back to the right order of events.

Our first destination was fabulous Las Vegas. Very nice city, a lot of shows and things happening.

The weather was very dry, windy and cool. I remember seeing a TV forecast showing something around 4% of humidity. Completely opposite to what I’m used to.

We stayed, of course, at a hotel in The Strip. This is where most of the action happens. The most famous and impressive mega-resorts/hotels/casinos are there. Imagine a hotel with 3000+ rooms, where you can do everything: sleep, gamble, eat, gamble, shop, gamble, see shows, gamble… This is a mega-resort in Vegas, where all the paths lead to the casinos.

Speaking of gambling: yes, we did it. Transformed $5 into $25 twice. Transformed $5 or $1 into nothing many more times. We only played slot machines. Actually we tried a roulette once. Also the slot machines didn’t accept coins, only cash, a voucher or a special card. Somewhat disappointing.

Basically we parked the car in one hotel and wandered around, going from hotel to hotel, from casino to casino, from attraction to attraction. You don’t need to pay for parking. All the hotels we saw had free self parking. After all, everybody is very welcome to come and spend their money at the hotels.

This is all can remember right now. More later on. Let’s go to the photos.






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